The USM's army branch is the largest US military branch of the USM, with nearly half of the group's members in the Army. It is currently in the expanding process and organizational process. As with all branches of the USM, it contains numerous divisions, which contain brigades.


The full structure is below

ARMY: III Corps/4th Infantry Division/(1st Combat Brigade/3rd Styker Brigade) ,/1st Calvary Division/(2nd Air Assault Brigade/,5th Air Assault Brigade)
1st Infantry Division/(2nd Combat Brigade)(9th Air Assualt Brigade)

XVIII Corps/82nd Airborne Division/(4th Air Assault Brigade/2nd Combat Brigade/101st Airborne Division/(1st Air Assault Brigade/7th Aviation Brigade) /3rd Infantry Division/(25th Recon Combat Brigade/3rd Combat Brigade)173rd Airborne Division/(92nd Field Assualt Brigade)(5th Combat Brigade)

V Corps/25th Infantry/(4th Fire Brigade/7th Signal Brigade)/1st Armored(3rd Armored Brigade/7th Heavy Armored Brigade)


Like the marines, the army operates primarily as a ground force, utilizing armor, humvees, and soldiers to achieve it's objectives. It is less maritime however, and generally does not deploy in an amphibious assault role.

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