3rd Infantry

3rd Infantry Division shoulder sleeve insignia

3rd Infantry Division is known as one of the greatest Divisions to ever be in USM Army. To summarize this division in 1 word would be... Valorous. Here are its commanders, and structure.
NOTABLE Commanders:
1) Colonel/(R) USMC Commadant Vaderwolf38
2) Brigadier General/(R) Army VJCS reyreyrey37
3) Brigadier General/(FORMER) Army JCS/VJCS/SMA XxAnubusxX
4) Lt. Colonel/(ACTIVE) Colonel TRADCOM XO/OCS CO usarmyrangeres
Structure: 3rd ID consist of 4 Brigades. 5 if you count the CA which serves as a Waiting Admission. It also consist of 1 Division CO, 4 Brigade Co's, and 1 CSM of the Division.
1st Brigade Combat Team
2nd Brigade Combat Team
3rd Brigade Combat Team
4th Brigade Combat Team